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About Us

Who we are!

We are a full service manufacturers' representative agency covering North and South Carolina. 


In business since 1994.


Why outsource your sales force?? You already outsource your legal and accounting work, and you may also outsource bookkeeping, human resources, and other vital elements of your business. And the reason to outsource your sales force is the same as the reason to outsource those other functions — it’s a cost-effective way to leverage expertise that you could not afford on a full-time basis. We are not just experts on your product; we also are experts in the local market area. And, unlike a direct employee who may be looking for the bigger paycheck for doing the same thing we are paid on a sales commission basis only. You grow, we grow.  Our “inventory” is decades of experience and relationships in the Carolina market.


We can provide a local presence at you customers place of business on a as needed basis, be it daily, weekly or less often, you decide.

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