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The companies we represent and their products

Global manufacturer of advanced materials for filtration, battery, and industrial applications.


Media to protect people, machines and the global environment—our focus on filtration and separation allows us to understand your applications and process needs. Explore our extensive product lines and see how we can help improve your filter products.

Tarheel Sanitation is a supplier of commercial sanitation products including hand sanitizers, soaps, paper products along with the associated dispensers. Geared towards small businesses who use these products in professional offices who don't have the volume to support large company deliveries but also don't have the time or resources to send out an emploee to purchase them. Competitive pricing - delivered to your door!

International Paper provides custom corrugated containers and boxes to meet your shipping needs. Our unique corrugated packaging solutions safeguard delivery and enhance the utility of millions of items used every day. International Paper is committed to being your premier packaging supplier in the 21st century.

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